Foreign Affairs

From the start, President Trump has focused on building up the U.S. military in order to increase our status of world power. Mr. Trump has not shied away from confrontation between our allies as well as our enemies. He was able to act on chemical attacks made by Syria, by bombing a Syrian camp which held members affiliated with the attacks. This attack was a success, showing the world that the U.S. does not play around anymore. We take action! Along with the bombings of Syria, President Trump also ordered an attack on an Isis camp. This was long overdue! Action needed to be taken before Trump’s presidency, but his predecessor did not have the courage needed to do so. President Trump’s military actions aren’t the only foreign affairs that he has succeeded in so far. Along with the bombings, Mr. Trump has met with multiple foreign leaders to talk about trade, policies, alliances, etc. Some include: Israel, China, Australia, etc. President Trump’s bravery and courage to do what is necessary to defend this country and sustain our dominance in foreign policy has led the U.S. to great success so far!